Our partners deserve the best of the on-board sales products

Duty Free Concept operates in the travel retail field (retail in the transportation field) in five countries since 2010. DFC handles sales on planes, in airport shops, on cruise ships and distributes duty-free products to diplomatic corps around the world. We develop a solid long-term concession portfolio with airport authorities and other owners (airlines, hotels, diplomatic shops). DFC offers its customers the most prestigious brands of over 100 suppliers.

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Product selection and transportation

Our buyers select the appropriate brands for the concerned customers, and our logistics expertise is used to route the products locally.

Management of offshore stocks

DFC has set up its own centralized inventory and sales management system in all its subsidiaries. This allows a constant and precise product supply.

An African expertise

DFC has a vast experience in many countries in Africa with African executives trained with specific technologies, including the management of local change (XOF, XAF, CVE...)


Embedded POS systems

DFC makes payment terminal available to cabin crews, developed by the society YOUTRANSACTOR and on DFC has implanted its own on-board sales management software. This terminal is certified by aircraft manufacturers and does not interfere with navigation devices. Its touch colour screen as well as its performance really eases its use..